Michael A. Duplantier

       Michael Duplantier is a practicing attorney licensed in all state courts throughout the state of Louisiana. While his legal practice primarily serves southeast Louisiana, Mr. Duplantier can handle legal matters throughout the state.  His legal practice is concentrated in the fields of Successions (Estates) and Elder Law and related matters. Elder Law involves dealing with the entire range of problems encountered by the elderly, including Medicaid, estate planning, donations, powers of attorney, living wills and elder abuse, among other issues. Mr. Duplantier has considerable experience in handling succession matters, both the routine estates and the more complicated or contested estates.  

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The goal and mission of the Law Offices of Michael Duplantier is to use the knowledge and experience gained in 36 years of the practice of law to render competent legal advice and to perform competent legal services for the client, on a timely basis and at a reasonable price.

       To that end, Mr. Duplantier has now focused his practice in fields of law in which he has years of experience and with which he has great familiarity.  He makes himself readily accessible to his clients to discuss their case with him, and he seeks to regularly communicate with clients as to the status of the case and with regard to any pending matters.

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